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Impact of Journal
Last Updated : 1st June, 2017
  • Papers: 586
  • Citations: 78
  • Years: 3
  • Cites/year: 28.67
  • Cites/paper: 0.110/0.0/0 (mean/median/mode)
  • Cites/author: 73.48
  • Cites/author/year: 24.49
  • Papers/author: 513.00
  • Authors/paper: 1.30/1.0/1 (mean/median/mode)
  • h-index: 3 (14%)
  • g-index: 3 (14%)
  • e-index: 1.41
  • hc-index: 4
  • hI-index: 3.00
  • hI,norm: 3
  • hI,annual: 1.00
  • hm-index: 3.00
  • AW-index: 6.45
  • AWCR: 41.67
  • AWCRpA: 35.28
  • Hirsch a=9.56, m=1.00
  • Contemporary ac=10.44

Impact Factor : 3.213

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South Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is an international double – blind peer reviewed, refereed and Indexed journal published in English, Hindi for scholars, practitioners, and students. The Journal welcomes original research articles, book reviews, commentaries, correspondence, review articles, technical notes, short communications, case study, books, thesis and dissertation relevant to Science and Social Science Studies. All research papers submitted to the journal will be double – blind peer reviewed refereed by members of the editorial board.


South Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies is included in different indexing agencies, Google ScholarDirectory of Research JournalIndexingBASE-Bielefeld Academic Search Engine,Einstein Institute for Scientific Information(JIF)


Book publication is one of the foremost factors to boost up the research scholars, academician, students and intellectuals to reveal all their studies into every ones hand. Conventionally, publication transforms thoughts into hand written document, but now thoughts are converted to digitized document. Publication means reveal “one to all”. Book publication is sharing their thoughts, views, ideas in any field of their interest. There are academic publishers, professional publishers and some has own idea of interest in self-publishing their script, novel and story books. South Asia Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies support their needs in publishing their book to expose globally.


Last Date of Online Manuscript Submission: 23 of Every Month

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